Seven Fun Activities to Do at Musandam Dibba

Seven Fun Activities to Do at Musandam Dibba

Musandam Dibba, which is also known as the Norway of Arabia is roughly located between Oman and UAE in the Gulf of Oman. It takes around two hours to reach Musandam Dibba if you opt to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai, which you probably should.If you have decided to visit the Musandam Dibba which is located in Peninsula, you must know what is waiting for you over there. As we’ve already told you about the many reasons to make Musandam Dibba your holiday destination in our previous blog over here, now we’ll talk about the fun activities you can do over there so before you visit, you already know what to do and make up your mind about them.

Full day Dhow Cruising

As soon as you reach Musandam Dibba dock, you’ll catch the sight of several Arabian Dhow Cruisers. The traditional and comfortable Dhow cruisers can carry you to a full day excursion in the Indian Ocean while exploring the sights. The traditionally modified Omani dhow cruise will have everything to make you comfy such as rugs and pillows. Along the cruise, you’ll catch sights of naturally carved caves, crystalline salty mountains, Al-Haifa beach in Salalah and Ziggy Bay. Do not worry, you’ll get an unlimited supply of drinks and snacks as well as a delicious oriental buffet lunch on board! What would be more memorable than this experience; sightseeing and eating traditional Arabian food simultaneously!You also might catch a sight of dolphins during cruising.

Exploring Fisherman Villages and Harbours

Exploring villages at Musandam Dibba has always been a fascinating activity for those who live in cities. As you cruise along the gulf, you will be able to pass and observe through the various fishermen villages dispersed along the Hajar Mountains surrounding the Gulf. You will be enchanted to see their lifestyle and way of earning their livelihood which is definitely fishing! You can also meet and greet the locals at Musandam Dibba villages who tend to be quite friendly and welcoming towards all the tourists.

Speed Boat/Banana Boat Safari

The amazing boat rides at Musandam Dibba are most often included in packages which means you don’t have to pay extra for all that fun. The crew will prep you by providing the life jackets and take you to a speed boat ride with you settled and towed right behind them in a banana boat. The banana boat is designed in such a way that it inverts or capsizes when the towing boat turns throwing the passengers in to the cool ocean to enjoy a wet dip. They do it suddenly to pump your adrenaline rush and making it as much fun as you are imagining right now. Just make sure to take extra pair of clothes with you! Never miss the banana boat ride once you happen to visit Musandam Dibba.  

Lime Stone/White Rock Cave/Cave-riding

Where there are mountains, there are caves and caves are such hidden worlds within themselves. The limestone mountains have transformed themselves into a white beauty and they attract many tourists towards them. A boat ride through the bright and white caves with transparent water where diversified marine life could be seen beneath is a dream come true for every adventure seeker. Over the years, the caves and mountains of Musandam Dibbaare gaining popularity amongst the tourists who travel around the Gulf region.

Snorkeling, Swimming & Cliff diving

Who doesn’t want to spend time exploring the underwater world of Ocean and go searching for the hidden treasures and pearls?Once you visit Musandam Dibba, you definitely have to go snorkeling and explore the crystal-clear magical world of the Gulf. The sight of the fishes, the search of pearls and a whole lot of other world will leave a deep patch on your heart forever. There is also a possibility of you swimming along with the dolphins if the weather conditions are favourable and if you get lucky enough, however, you’ll surely be able to catch a sight of them even if you’re not able to swim with them! If you fear to go underwater, you can just simply float around in the shallow waters and swim soothing your muscles and nerves under the blue sky inside the blue water. Since the mountains are barren, you can simply stop by them and limb a cliff to take a deep dive in the water. The thrill in cliff diving is all real at Musandam Dibba.


Not interested to get yourselves wet? You can just choose a peaceful spot in your books boat ride and go fishing instead. Fishing is and interesting sport with amazing results if you get lucky to catch a few. The crew will provide you with the fishing gear and if you’re new to it, they’ll surely help you out to carry it out. The joy of catching fish can only be felt when you catch it. Line fishing is another interesting activity you can do at Musandam Dibba to make it even more memorable.


If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of Musandam Dibba and find a secluded spot for you and your partner to experience a peaceful environment close to nature, you can hire a kayak and paddle or row your way through the shallow blue waters. Having a kayak to yourself is an ultimate opportunity to wander around on your own and seeking delight.