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One Lap Around Musandam “Norway of Arabia”

A stunning coastline Musandam Dibba in Oman helps you to have the finest leisure experience. Trust YC Travels for one lap around Musandam.

Musandam Dibba mesmerizes the tourist by its spellbound beauty. Flora and Fauna in Musandam Dubba made him more captivating and hypnotizing among the tourists. YC Travels provides you this opportunity to spend every moment in Musandam full of excitement and enjoyment.

Musandam Dibba Dhow Cruise

Dhow is Dubai’s traditional wooden vessel that has turned into a floating restaurant in Dubai Marina. It is an onboard buffet dinner with live shows. YC Travels provides you the great opportunity to have lazy time in sunbathing there with a lot of refreshments. Enjoy the beautiful journey in between the captivating carved caves through the deserted Haffa Village and Ziggy beaches. Entertain yourself with snorkeling and flipping in crystal clear water. You might also have a chance to see the Dolphins live there. A good thing is that you don’t need Visa to spend a full day on Musandam Dibba from Abou Dabi.

Features of Musandam Dibba

Glorious and luxurious landscape with crystal clear water, high mountain ranges, notched coastline, and wholesome healthy climate is a complete heaven for nature lovers. Have a beautiful drive with YC Travels through narrowing hilly track, hairpin curvature incised out of the majestic mountains of Hajar toward your bewitching destination Musandam Dibba. Traditional Omani Wooden Dhow musing Bedouin style us waiting for you. Dhow drifting helps you to forget the daily hustle of your life. Captivating and spellbound beauty of water around the mountains nourishes you with the feeling of tranquility and calmness. If you are a water sport lover, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the:

  • banana boat riding
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling with equipment.

YC Travels gives you a chance to enjoy the diversity of overseeing the underwater world. After all, Musandam is the refugee for the unbelievable range of fish and other marine life.

Aside from the lunch and buffets, YC Travels brings a lot of refreshments for you by considering your inner fuel is the most valuable gadget in the enjoyment of the astounding cruise.

Things to do in Musandam

If you are planning any trip or seeking any adventure, Musandam is the best choice. You can enjoy traditional Omani culture and captivating nature in Musandam. You have a lot of opportunities there to enjoy such as:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Off-roading
  • Much more soothing activities

Musandam Coast

There are a lot of things to do in Musandam Coast.

  • Sail at the beautiful Fjords of Musandam
  • Explore Khasab Castle
  • Have fun at golden beach of Khasab
  • Watch Dolphins swimming around Khasab
  • Hiking and camping at Jabel Harim
  • Zighy Bay Paragliding
  • Chance for diving and snorkeling

Khasab Coastal Road

The border Ras Al Khaimah has a great difference between Oman and UAE across borders. Small villages with the clusters of low-rise traditional houses on the right side of wadi enhance the beauty of Musandam. YC Travel pleasures to drive and gives the countless chances to stop at:

  • beaches,
  • old forts
  • And at many other beautiful views all along the way.

Musandam Khasab Dhow Cruise

Musandam khasab needs Visa and Insurance to spend a full day trip. YC travels tour planning company provides you the opportunity to energize yourself with refreshing marine sports activities, day out with swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing time with sunbathing. Maybe you are lucky to see Dolphins live there. If you plan your trip with YC Travels you will get a lot of refreshments, buffet and much more.

Overnight Musandam Dibba

Discover the coastal site of Musandam Dibba overnight, flee the city and enjoy the relaxing and soothing adventures on the waters of the Gulf of Oman. Marine water and colorful fish made your trip. Dhow Cruising, Kayaking and Mountain Safari are captivating activities overnight at Musandam Dibba. YC Travels gives you an opportunity to have Arabic and Asian dishes at Buffet. A temperature controlled swimming pool is also there for your extra enjoyment. Air conditioned rooms, TVs hospitality trays and en-suit bathroom luxuries are the facilities you can enjoy.

Yc Travels offers

Explore the secrets of Arabian World with YC Travels to Panoramic Musandam Dibba. Yc Travels offer you to spend quality time with your loved ones at this enchanting place. Have a look on the opportunities that YC Travels is providing you at Musandam.

  • Musandam Dibba Dhow Cruise
  • Musandam Khasab Dhow Cruise
  • Overnight Musandam Dibba tour
  • Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise
  • Khasab Beach Camping
  • Luxury Bateaux Dinner Cruise
  • Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise
  • Fishing trip Musandam

Let’s experience YC Travels for a wonderful trip with a lot of refreshments.

My choice YC Travels Tour Planner

How to arrange MusandumDibba tour

If you have never been to the Middle East and planning for it then this article is for you. In this blog I am going to tell you such a majestic place in Middle East that is uncovered and under rated. If you want to go away from the hustles of life and enjoy the fresh air and miraculous weather then you must visit the southeastern coast of Oman. It is called the “Norway of the east”. MusandumDibbais a coastline which is in the Indian Ocean and on the Gulf of Oman. Whenever you plan to visit UAE you must include this place in your trip. I can guarantee that you will not regret visiting this beautiful, adventurous and fascinating point. This place is gifted by nature and you can enjoy the Arabic culture and traditions and the delicious food. The beauty of that place will left you awestruck. You have never experience such a place in your lifetime and you will always remember this trip and the scenery and the experience you have. You will see the splendors of earth and will always try to visit this place whenever you come to UAE.

The adventure in the tour:

If you are a nature lover and love adventure and new experiences in life then you will love to visit MusandumDibba. Your life will totally change after this trip. You will have a lot of experiences and stories to tell when you will go back home.

Arabic wooden dhow cruise:

The first experience youare going to have is to spend a full day on an Arabic wooden dhow in the Indian ocean. You will not get this adventure anywhere else. This wooden dhow has all the necessities and requirements and this will be a lifetime experience. Your wooden dhow cruise will be arranged by your tour operator.

Activities in water:

You will be offered to do snorkeling, swimming, fishing and banana boat riding. These activities are much more adventurous then you have ever thought. Life jackets will be available but you need to bring your own swimming suit. Snorkeling and swimming will take you into the diverse marine wildlife. Sometime dolphins are also seen there. You will be flatter with happiness after doing these activities. Your list of experiences will increase and you will have more stories to tell. Fishing can be done if the sea level is normal and stabilized.

Arabic food:

If you are food lover and never tasted Arabic food then come MusandumDibba. With a wooden dhow cruise you will also be provided with delicious and yummy food. The menu includes hummus, Arabic bread, biryani rice, white rice, chicken curry, Green salad etc. In the evening tea will be served with snacks for your refreshment.

Pearl white and saline mountains:

You will be amazed after seeing the white and saline mountains which surround the Gulf. You will see the beauty of nature and the coral reefs which are protected by the Government. These mountains are different from the mountains you have seen and you can capture these eye catching views in your camera or mobile phone and take them back with you as beautiful memories.

Mysterious caves:

You can also have an experience of viewing the caves under the saline mountains. These majestic caves will make you fell in love with this place. You have never experienced so many thrills in one place. These caves will force you to think that how the creator of earth has designed and moulded the giant mountains and created these sinkholes. Darkness of the caves will make your trip more thrilling.

Requirements for MusandumDibba trip:

Now we will discuss what you need to visit this fabulous and majestic place and how can you enjoy all these adventures.

UAE resident visa holders:

You must send a picture of your passport and the visa before the tour operator confirms and permit your trip. Your visa should be approved in two working days. You have to show written permit at the border post.

UAE tourist visa holder:

Those people which have UAE tourist visa will send their visa  12 hours before the tour operator permit them.

Original passport:

When you arrive at the border post of UAE and Oman you should have original passport and written permit otherwise you will not be allowed to cross the border.

Ways of travelling:

There are two ways of travelling to MusandumDibba either by road or by air. Its depends on your choice that whether you want to go by car or by aero plane. Most people prefer to go by car so that they can enjoy the cinematic views on their way and can experience how to cross a border . Hope that after reading this blog you will have gain much knowledge about the procedures and wish that you may enjoy the trip.

Tour operator:

Before arranging the trip you must contact to our tour operator which will arrange all the things and activities for you. We are professional tour operators that take you from the designated spot and arrange the whole tour and bring you back to your hotel lodge.

5 Good Reasons to Choose YC Travels as Your Travel Agency

There are hundreds of different travel agencies operating just within Dubai let alone the whole world. Each agency has its own set of rules and objectives that slightly differentiates from another. YC Travels is yet another travel agency but there are several such points that distinguish us from other such companies. Choosing the best travel agency for your vacation, business trips and honeymoons is your right because you are spending money on it. Here are five good reasons that will urge you to choose YC travels as your official travelling partner and even come back later when needed again.  


The approachability factor of the YC Travels will be proven once you visit our site. As soon as you begin to surf through our website, you’ll have a full time assistance no matter what tie of the day it is. Our agent will be online to help you out 24/7. Any question that pops up in your mind can be answered there and then without any effort. Just click the little red-envelope icon on the lower right side of your screen and bombard our agent with the questions that bother you. Our agents will be happy to help you out regardless of the time. And even once you choose YC Travels as your company and begin a tour with us, a 24-hour desk service will be available for you in case of emergency. YC Travels never leaves its customers out in the open, we stand by them wherever in the world they go.

Personal Dedicated Services

Very few travel companies in the world provide as much services as YC Travels. A handful of services could be provided by every other local company but if you want innumerable amenities with professionalism and integrity, YCT is the right place to be. YCT provides you a creative travel program and event management services in the whole Emirates. YCT Solutions is a renowned company providing destination management services to international, domestic, incentive and corporate clients from all corners of the world. Our colossal services include worldwide Hotel Bookings, Flight Tickets worldwide, Holiday Packages, UAE Visa, Schengen Visa, USA Visa, UK Visa services, Car Hire, Tours & Excursions, Honeymoon packages, Air Charter, 24/7 help desk in case of any mishap during the tour. As your local events partner, YC Travels works closely with you to deliver an outstanding, authentic service to you. From airport transfers to city tours, adventures & honeymoon planned programs.


Our staff is competent and professional. They are trained to handle pressure situations and work to tackle problems professionally. At YC Travels, we believe that our customers are the basic asset and therefore their Safety and assistance is also our foremost priority. Our workers think globally but act locally and specialize at designing innovative and reliable packages for individuals as well as for groups, meetings, incentive, congress and event solutions.

Reasonable & Pocket-Friendly Packages

Our local and international travel packages are totally pocket-friendly and reasonable.  Our innovative tourism ideas and packages are one of their own. All our travel commodities are specifically planned to suit your specific needs and requirements and ensure a trouble-free stay. For your group travel, choose a recognized, quality Tour Operator. Trust the experts for your safe and enjoyable travel.

Competent & Polylingual Staff

Not all the agencies offer the unique facility of multilingual staff. As we get customers from all over the world, we provide a team of multilingual staff who deal with different language speakers with no worries of communication at all.

Seven Fun Activities to Do at Musandam Dibba

Musandam Dibba, which is also known as the Norway of Arabia is roughly located between Oman and UAE in the Gulf of Oman. It takes around two hours to reach Musandam Dibba if you opt to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai, which you probably should.If you have decided to visit the Musandam Dibba which is located in Peninsula, you must know what is waiting for you over there. As we’ve already told you about the many reasons to make Musandam Dibba your holiday destination in our previous blog over here, now we’ll talk about the fun activities you can do over there so before you visit, you already know what to do and make up your mind about them.

Full day Dhow Cruising

As soon as you reach Musandam Dibba dock, you’ll catch the sight of several Arabian Dhow Cruisers. The traditional and comfortable Dhow cruisers can carry you to a full day excursion in the Indian Ocean while exploring the sights. The traditionally modified Omani dhow cruise will have everything to make you comfy such as rugs and pillows. Along the cruise, you’ll catch sights of naturally carved caves, crystalline salty mountains, Al-Haifa beach in Salalah and Ziggy Bay. Do not worry, you’ll get an unlimited supply of drinks and snacks as well as a delicious oriental buffet lunch on board! What would be more memorable than this experience; sightseeing and eating traditional Arabian food simultaneously!You also might catch a sight of dolphins during cruising.

Exploring Fisherman Villages and Harbours

Exploring villages at Musandam Dibba has always been a fascinating activity for those who live in cities. As you cruise along the gulf, you will be able to pass and observe through the various fishermen villages dispersed along the Hajar Mountains surrounding the Gulf. You will be enchanted to see their lifestyle and way of earning their livelihood which is definitely fishing! You can also meet and greet the locals at Musandam Dibba villages who tend to be quite friendly and welcoming towards all the tourists.

Speed Boat/Banana Boat Safari

The amazing boat rides at Musandam Dibba are most often included in packages which means you don’t have to pay extra for all that fun. The crew will prep you by providing the life jackets and take you to a speed boat ride with you settled and towed right behind them in a banana boat. The banana boat is designed in such a way that it inverts or capsizes when the towing boat turns throwing the passengers in to the cool ocean to enjoy a wet dip. They do it suddenly to pump your adrenaline rush and making it as much fun as you are imagining right now. Just make sure to take extra pair of clothes with you! Never miss the banana boat ride once you happen to visit Musandam Dibba.  

Lime Stone/White Rock Cave/Cave-riding

Where there are mountains, there are caves and caves are such hidden worlds within themselves. The limestone mountains have transformed themselves into a white beauty and they attract many tourists towards them. A boat ride through the bright and white caves with transparent water where diversified marine life could be seen beneath is a dream come true for every adventure seeker. Over the years, the caves and mountains of Musandam Dibbaare gaining popularity amongst the tourists who travel around the Gulf region.

Snorkeling, Swimming & Cliff diving

Who doesn’t want to spend time exploring the underwater world of Ocean and go searching for the hidden treasures and pearls?Once you visit Musandam Dibba, you definitely have to go snorkeling and explore the crystal-clear magical world of the Gulf. The sight of the fishes, the search of pearls and a whole lot of other world will leave a deep patch on your heart forever. There is also a possibility of you swimming along with the dolphins if the weather conditions are favourable and if you get lucky enough, however, you’ll surely be able to catch a sight of them even if you’re not able to swim with them! If you fear to go underwater, you can just simply float around in the shallow waters and swim soothing your muscles and nerves under the blue sky inside the blue water. Since the mountains are barren, you can simply stop by them and limb a cliff to take a deep dive in the water. The thrill in cliff diving is all real at Musandam Dibba.


Not interested to get yourselves wet? You can just choose a peaceful spot in your books boat ride and go fishing instead. Fishing is and interesting sport with amazing results if you get lucky to catch a few. The crew will provide you with the fishing gear and if you’re new to it, they’ll surely help you out to carry it out. The joy of catching fish can only be felt when you catch it. Line fishing is another interesting activity you can do at Musandam Dibba to make it even more memorable.


If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of Musandam Dibba and find a secluded spot for you and your partner to experience a peaceful environment close to nature, you can hire a kayak and paddle or row your way through the shallow blue waters. Having a kayak to yourself is an ultimate opportunity to wander around on your own and seeking delight.

7 Reasons you should plan a tour to Musandam Dibba

If you are fond of beaches and love the places surrounded by water, you must visit Musandam Dibba which is also known as Norway of Arabia. Musandam is an Omani enclavewithin the United Arab Emirates, an area which is called the peninsula, which means that it is a piece of territory that belongs to Oman but is separated from it. A peaceful place surrounded by blue water and the sound of beach waves must be enjoyable for the sea lovers. Khasab is the capital, and some Iranian islands are also part of it. Musandam also contains a great strategic aspect as the narrow gate of the Persian Gulf from where most of the world’s gas goes through.


Most people prefer peaceful places for vacations, to take a break and calm their minds from active and busy life. So the Musandam Dibba is the place for which you are looking for. As the best thing about Musandam headland isits less crowded factor, as this place is barely populated. It is located outside of Khasab. Musandam headlandis easily accessible to tourists and can be found in just a few settlements, at least in the western part of the region. You can lay on the sand or walk on the wet sand at the shore where water waves touch your feet, which will make you feel relax and will take away all the tiredness of your busy life schedule.

Marine wildlife

Another reason to visit the Musandam peninsula that it will never be a boring trip. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the ocean in the Arab Gulf Peninsula with fascinating marine wildlife like the most innocent species dolphin playing in the water.If you come during a quiet hour of the day, you are likely to see turtles approaching the shore slowly and slowly.This region has some of the most magnificent landscapes.

Beaches to swim

There are myriad of beaches in which you can your swimming. The best beach to swim is all the way from the Khasab Musandam. It has tens of kilometers of pretty virgin beaches. But there is one secret hidden beach 30 kilometers away from Khasab known as Khor Najd. To reach that beach, you must make little bit effort that you need first to drive to the top of a small mountain from where you get stunning views of the bay and the Omani fjords. But this little bit of effort is really worth it because when you reach that point, you will get to see fantastic and prettiest sports of the Musandam peninsula. You can swim in that water. The clean water will give you a refreshing feel and incredible calmness to your mind.

Omani Culture

When you visit any new place, you get to know about the unique culture and traditions of the people living in that region. The capital of Musandam is a small town with a small population, and you will feel the touch of Omani culture there. 

Historical aspects

If you are a history lover and have an interest in visiting historical places, then you must visit the fort from the 17th century. Let us give you knowledge about that fort; it was built for the Portuguese, the exciting part is that it was not for any military purpose but for logistics, as it served as a supply point for dates and water for the Portuguese ships. Here we would like to give you information that the Portuguese ruled in the Strait of Hormuz for around 200 years.

Food and Taste

Without mentioning the food and the taste, any tour article is incomplete. Whenever you tell someone about your tour to any new place, you must mention the food and taste over there you have experienced. Moreover, the seafood over there is highly recommended. You can’t leave Musandam without trying any of the seafood. Different kinds of fishes are served by many restaurants in Khasab, like fresh shrimps, calamari, and other types of fish, and the best thing is that they are not only delicious but surprisingly cheap also!

4×4 Jeep Ride

Most travelers are also adventure lovers, so if you have 4X4, the ride is the best option to try. This adventure ride can be a ride on Jeep RoadKhasab Daba Road (marked as Jeep Road on the map), which is a striking mountain road. It has views that are larger-than-life of Musandam. It is vital to mention here that do not try a ride on this road with any other vehicle as only 4×4 can go on this, 

The trail goes all the way to the UAE border, but only Omanis and Emiratis are allowed to use it.

There are many other factors to visit Musandam peninsula like visiting resorts, trying banana boating or traveling on cruise. All these factors you will explore when you will visit the place these were the only few highlights we mentioned.

Musandam is one of the most attractive place of the gulf, that is why it is also known as Norway of Arabia,it got created as a result of barren mountains and shallow beaches. Beaches, are the main reason of its fame soboating is the thing which a person couldn’t resist without trying when it goes on beach. You will defiantly enjoy sailing on a dhow cruise to see a piece of a peninsula, swimming, touching water with your handsand the fishes that come on water surface while trying crazy banana boat ride.

A large number of tourist visit this place, you can observe that people from different countries visits there like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh most of them works there in restaurants, resorts and as tour operators.  A small city but extremely beautifulwhich is naturally surrounded by the northern mountains of the Western Hajar Range. If you are planning for vacation Musandam dibba should be on the top of your list. As it is the best place to spend some quality time while exploring the new places like beaches and mountains, If you are found of hiking you can also try hiking by climbing the mountains.