How to arrange MusandumDibba tour

How to arrange MusandumDibba tour

If you have never been to the Middle East and planning for it then this article is for you. In this blog I am going to tell you such a majestic place in Middle East that is uncovered and under rated. If you want to go away from the hustles of life and enjoy the fresh air and miraculous weather then you must visit the southeastern coast of Oman. It is called the “Norway of the east”. MusandumDibbais a coastline which is in the Indian Ocean and on the Gulf of Oman. Whenever you plan to visit UAE you must include this place in your trip. I can guarantee that you will not regret visiting this beautiful, adventurous and fascinating point. This place is gifted by nature and you can enjoy the Arabic culture and traditions and the delicious food. The beauty of that place will left you awestruck. You have never experience such a place in your lifetime and you will always remember this trip and the scenery and the experience you have. You will see the splendors of earth and will always try to visit this place whenever you come to UAE.

The adventure in the tour:

If you are a nature lover and love adventure and new experiences in life then you will love to visit MusandumDibba. Your life will totally change after this trip. You will have a lot of experiences and stories to tell when you will go back home.

Arabic wooden dhow cruise:

The first experience youare going to have is to spend a full day on an Arabic wooden dhow in the Indian ocean. You will not get this adventure anywhere else. This wooden dhow has all the necessities and requirements and this will be a lifetime experience. Your wooden dhow cruise will be arranged by your tour operator.

Activities in water:

You will be offered to do snorkeling, swimming, fishing and banana boat riding. These activities are much more adventurous then you have ever thought. Life jackets will be available but you need to bring your own swimming suit. Snorkeling and swimming will take you into the diverse marine wildlife. Sometime dolphins are also seen there. You will be flatter with happiness after doing these activities. Your list of experiences will increase and you will have more stories to tell. Fishing can be done if the sea level is normal and stabilized.

Arabic food:

If you are food lover and never tasted Arabic food then come MusandumDibba. With a wooden dhow cruise you will also be provided with delicious and yummy food. The menu includes hummus, Arabic bread, biryani rice, white rice, chicken curry, Green salad etc. In the evening tea will be served with snacks for your refreshment.

Pearl white and saline mountains:

You will be amazed after seeing the white and saline mountains which surround the Gulf. You will see the beauty of nature and the coral reefs which are protected by the Government. These mountains are different from the mountains you have seen and you can capture these eye catching views in your camera or mobile phone and take them back with you as beautiful memories.

Mysterious caves:

You can also have an experience of viewing the caves under the saline mountains. These majestic caves will make you fell in love with this place. You have never experienced so many thrills in one place. These caves will force you to think that how the creator of earth has designed and moulded the giant mountains and created these sinkholes. Darkness of the caves will make your trip more thrilling.

Requirements for MusandumDibba trip:

Now we will discuss what you need to visit this fabulous and majestic place and how can you enjoy all these adventures.

UAE resident visa holders:

You must send a picture of your passport and the visa before the tour operator confirms and permit your trip. Your visa should be approved in two working days. You have to show written permit at the border post.

UAE tourist visa holder:

Those people which have UAE tourist visa will send their visa  12 hours before the tour operator permit them.

Original passport:

When you arrive at the border post of UAE and Oman you should have original passport and written permit otherwise you will not be allowed to cross the border.

Ways of travelling:

There are two ways of travelling to MusandumDibba either by road or by air. Its depends on your choice that whether you want to go by car or by aero plane. Most people prefer to go by car so that they can enjoy the cinematic views on their way and can experience how to cross a border . Hope that after reading this blog you will have gain much knowledge about the procedures and wish that you may enjoy the trip.

Tour operator:

Before arranging the trip you must contact to our tour operator which will arrange all the things and activities for you. We are professional tour operators that take you from the designated spot and arrange the whole tour and bring you back to your hotel lodge.