7 Reasons you should plan a tour to Musandam Dibba

7 Reasons you should plan a tour to Musandam Dibba

If you are fond of beaches and love the places surrounded by water, you must visit Musandam Dibba which is also known as Norway of Arabia. Musandam is an Omani enclavewithin the United Arab Emirates, an area which is called the peninsula, which means that it is a piece of territory that belongs to Oman but is separated from it. A peaceful place surrounded by blue water and the sound of beach waves must be enjoyable for the sea lovers. Khasab is the capital, and some Iranian islands are also part of it. Musandam also contains a great strategic aspect as the narrow gate of the Persian Gulf from where most of the world’s gas goes through.


Most people prefer peaceful places for vacations, to take a break and calm their minds from active and busy life. So the Musandam Dibba is the place for which you are looking for. As the best thing about Musandam headland isits less crowded factor, as this place is barely populated. It is located outside of Khasab. Musandam headlandis easily accessible to tourists and can be found in just a few settlements, at least in the western part of the region. You can lay on the sand or walk on the wet sand at the shore where water waves touch your feet, which will make you feel relax and will take away all the tiredness of your busy life schedule.

Marine wildlife

Another reason to visit the Musandam peninsula that it will never be a boring trip. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the ocean in the Arab Gulf Peninsula with fascinating marine wildlife like the most innocent species dolphin playing in the water.If you come during a quiet hour of the day, you are likely to see turtles approaching the shore slowly and slowly.This region has some of the most magnificent landscapes.

Beaches to swim

There are myriad of beaches in which you can your swimming. The best beach to swim is all the way from the Khasab Musandam. It has tens of kilometers of pretty virgin beaches. But there is one secret hidden beach 30 kilometers away from Khasab known as Khor Najd. To reach that beach, you must make little bit effort that you need first to drive to the top of a small mountain from where you get stunning views of the bay and the Omani fjords. But this little bit of effort is really worth it because when you reach that point, you will get to see fantastic and prettiest sports of the Musandam peninsula. You can swim in that water. The clean water will give you a refreshing feel and incredible calmness to your mind.

Omani Culture

When you visit any new place, you get to know about the unique culture and traditions of the people living in that region. The capital of Musandam is a small town with a small population, and you will feel the touch of Omani culture there. 

Historical aspects

If you are a history lover and have an interest in visiting historical places, then you must visit the fort from the 17th century. Let us give you knowledge about that fort; it was built for the Portuguese, the exciting part is that it was not for any military purpose but for logistics, as it served as a supply point for dates and water for the Portuguese ships. Here we would like to give you information that the Portuguese ruled in the Strait of Hormuz for around 200 years.

Food and Taste

Without mentioning the food and the taste, any tour article is incomplete. Whenever you tell someone about your tour to any new place, you must mention the food and taste over there you have experienced. Moreover, the seafood over there is highly recommended. You can’t leave Musandam without trying any of the seafood. Different kinds of fishes are served by many restaurants in Khasab, like fresh shrimps, calamari, and other types of fish, and the best thing is that they are not only delicious but surprisingly cheap also!

4×4 Jeep Ride

Most travelers are also adventure lovers, so if you have 4X4, the ride is the best option to try. This adventure ride can be a ride on Jeep RoadKhasab Daba Road (marked as Jeep Road on the map), which is a striking mountain road. It has views that are larger-than-life of Musandam. It is vital to mention here that do not try a ride on this road with any other vehicle as only 4×4 can go on this, 

The trail goes all the way to the UAE border, but only Omanis and Emiratis are allowed to use it.

There are many other factors to visit Musandam peninsula like visiting resorts, trying banana boating or traveling on cruise. All these factors you will explore when you will visit the place these were the only few highlights we mentioned.

Musandam is one of the most attractive place of the gulf, that is why it is also known as Norway of Arabia,it got created as a result of barren mountains and shallow beaches. Beaches, are the main reason of its fame soboating is the thing which a person couldn’t resist without trying when it goes on beach. You will defiantly enjoy sailing on a dhow cruise to see a piece of a peninsula, swimming, touching water with your handsand the fishes that come on water surface while trying crazy banana boat ride.

A large number of tourist visit this place, you can observe that people from different countries visits there like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh most of them works there in restaurants, resorts and as tour operators.  A small city but extremely beautifulwhich is naturally surrounded by the northern mountains of the Western Hajar Range. If you are planning for vacation Musandam dibba should be on the top of your list. As it is the best place to spend some quality time while exploring the new places like beaches and mountains, If you are found of hiking you can also try hiking by climbing the mountains.