Do not Forget to Visit Sharjah City

Do not Forget to Visit Sharjah City

While traveling United Arabs of Emirates do not forget to visit Sharjah City

Sharjah one of the state among seven states in United Arab Emirates.Sharjah is one of the important and attractive city in UAE it has 5000 old history roots, Al Bidya Mosque is the oldest mosque of the UAE located in Sharjah city. At the time pf planning tour to UAE people do focus on Dubai city and often don’t realize and their all of the attention is caught by the Dubai city. One must keep Sharjah city in its list at the time of planning tour to UAE. The reason behind giving importance and attention to Sharjah city is here.Sharjah city is full off inviting combination of culture, heritage, markets, Mosque, Universities, art and outdoor activities.

Historical Aspect

The historical aspects of Sharjah city areits rare artifacts at the Museum of Islamic Civilization, the one who is interested in history and art must not miss the chance to visit the arts area for a taste of historical traditional and contemporary art.Sharjah city had the UAE’S oldest mosque in it. Once the person visits the historical places it will develop its interest in history,visiting Sharjah fort, Al-Noor Mosque where you can get to know about Islamic beliefs and history about the coffee and dates culture trend in Arab world. Exploring the craft shops of old Souk Al Arsah, and Souk Al Jubail fish and fruit market and experiencing hospitality of the people of there will be the unforgettableexperience for the visitor. Dubai city have its own charm and attraction of its night life but the one who visit UAE cannot ignore the fact that Sharjah is also gem of UAE.

Beaches of Sharjah

At day time spending quality time best way is to relaxing on the white sand beaches with blue water and fresh air, swimming through that clear blue waters offshoreare also one of the enjoyable activity the one can fully enjoy. After chillaxing time on beach tourist must try four wheel drive it will be the amazing experience.

Desert Exploring

If you are found of adventures, deserts of Sharjah the place of adventure lovers, Sweet shops around the main roads make it more attractive and eye catching. Sweet lovers must try their traditional food dishes. Stay anywhere for the king of all Arabic desserts, the kunafa, which is layered sweet cheese cake, crispy breaded pastry is also a delicious sweet dish to eat, and pistachios, with the combination of honey or rose syrup drizzled on top. Tea lovers must try karak, a milky and spiced tea sold in little paper cups on very cheap price which is only cost of one dirham, enjoying cup of karak tea while watching the outside view of desert from the car and hearing the silence of the desert will make you to feel you are in another world of fantasy. If you love to spend me time the time which you only wantto spend with yourself without any outside interruption and disturbance, then desert of Sharjah is the best place to think and to be in your deep thoughts.

Shopping Hub for shopping lovers

 If one is found of shopping and visiting markets Sharjah city will be loved by them. Tourist must visit Blue Souq as it is the most vibrant place in Sharjah city. If you are here for shopping purpose, then you will get all of your UAE gifts and souvenirs from here and you’ll be curious and attracted by almost everything you see and will find difficulty to decide what to buy and what not to buy. One of the demanded and admired gift when you visit Arab country is the Arabian oil perfumes which are available with different fragrances which defiantly you cannot ignore atoll. Decoration pieces for the homes in the memory of UAE tour best thing is to buy is colorfully painted bowls and plates. To avoid luggage issue light weight gifts should be preferable for example

  • Camel keychains
  • Perfumes
  • Makeup
  • Souvniers

These are best and recommended. If you here to stay for living purpose then one must buy lush red carpets for their apartment or home, Markets of Sharjah city are so colorful specially its blue tiles which look so bright that this souq is visible from anywhere in centralSharjah and when visitor enters inside the market which is called souq in Arabic it will be the marvelous experience.

Peaceful less crowded environment

The best thing about Sharjah city is that this city is not crowded like Dubai city, so the people who don’t like too much crowed and noisy environment around them can spend more time in Sharjah instead of Dubai city or can take a break from fast life of Dubai. The reason behind this is that Sharjah is usually not overrun with tourists or tour groups, and you’ll be able to enjoy the feel of UAE city with your privacy and space. To enjoy evenings is Sharjah city one must go to the corniche. The BuhairaCorniche is perfect for relaxing walk next to the water, when you dip your feet into the sea water it will take away all the tiredness of your body and you will feel relax with the soothing effect of it. Food and drinks are the part of any tour, try their traditional food items coffee and dates are one of the most famous combination of the Arab countries.

Evenings of Sharjah city

How can we forget fountain dance when colorful water shoots 100 meters which is about 328 feet high of the air. Al Majaz Fountain is one of the main attractions of the area not for only kids but the adult people also enjoy this view and activity with full joy. Fountain dance and music that plays daily for 30 minutes in the evenings. This spot is where families go to relax after work or on weekend outings. It is a perfect place for a relaxing dinner and night out.

Traveling, exploring new places, tasting new food, wearing ne types of clothes and meeting new people will give you new experience in life. Person start thinking about life with different purpose. Although Dubai city is the heart of the UAE but the one who visit UAE cannot ignore the importance and special place of Sharjah city, so if you are planning to go UAE Sharjah city must in the top of your list eventually.